Dr. B (BARF) 急凍生肉貓糧 – 火雞肉配方 12片/盒


Dr. B (BARF) 急凍生肉貓糧 – 火雞肉配方 12片/盒 Dr.B 急凍貓狗糧均取材自澳洲本土。其中…


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Dr. B (BARF) 急凍生肉貓糧 – 火雞肉配方 12片/盒

Dr.B 急凍貓狗糧均取材自澳洲本土。其中肉類、骨頭及內臟都是百份百來自不含生長激素的食用禽畜。蔬果亦產自附近農場,確保在最新鮮、營養價值最高時急凍成Dr.B肉餅,鎖住營養。絕不含穀物、填充物、化學品、染色素及防腐劑。選材內的骨頭都經碾碎,確保任何狗隻可以安全食用。


Turkey meat contains a high level of essential amino acids for strong muscles and healthy cells, including tryptophan, precursor for serotonin (the ‘happy hormone’) and immune strengthener.  It is low GI, to help stabilise insulin levels after eating. Turkey fat contains DHA omega 3 fatty acid, which helps support healthy nerve function.
Doctor B’s Turkey Recipe BARF is complete and balanced for all life stages. As an anti-inflammatory white meat, it is suitable for cats with inflammatory or degenerative conditions. The high energy content is ideal for growing kittens and lactating queens.


Good for:

  • 活躍的貓,成長中的小貓和哺乳期的女王
  • 炎性疾病
  • active cats, growing kittens and lactating queens
  • inflammatory conditions

Not so good for:

  • 需要限制卡路里或低脂飲食(例如體重減輕)的貓
  • cats requiring a restricted calorie or low fat diet (e.g weight loss)


成份 Ingredient


Turkey, Chicken, Beef and/or Pork and/or Lamb (includes meat, finely ground bones and offal), Carrots, Apples, Yoghurt, Salmon frames, Dehydrated Kelp, plus other assorted seasonal vegetables and /or fruits.


 營養分析 Analysis
Protein 蛋白質14.0%
Fat 脂肪13.0%
Fiber 纖維2.0%
Calcium 鈣2.0%
Phosphorus 磷1.2%

熱量:kJ/100g = 642. kJ/serve (115g) = 738.


餵食方法 Feeding Guide
Adult  2 KGPatties: ¾
Adult 3KG
Patties: 1
Adult 4KG
Patties: 1⅔
Adult 5KGPatties: 2
Adult 6KGPatties: 2½


產地 : 澳洲

Made in Australia


Quantity 數量

3盒, 8盒



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