Dr. B (BARF) 急凍生肉貓糧 – 袋鼠肉配方 12片/盒


Dr. B (BARF) 急凍生肉貓糧 – 袋鼠肉配方 12片/盒 Dr.B 急凍貓狗糧均取材自澳洲本土。其中…

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Dr. B (BARF) 急凍生肉貓糧 – 袋鼠肉配方 12片/盒

Dr.B 急凍貓狗糧均取材自澳洲本土。其中肉類、骨頭及內臟都是百份百來自不含生長激素的食用禽畜。蔬果亦產自附近農場,確保在最新鮮、營養價值最高時急凍成Dr.B肉餅,鎖住營養。絕不含穀物、填充物、化學品、染色素及防腐劑。選材內的骨頭都經碾碎,確保任何狗隻可以安全食用。


Kangaroo is the only truly ‘wild’ meat available on a large scale in Australia; completely free range.
Doctor B’s Kangaroo Recipe BARF is low in fat and high in protein. This makes it a good choice for cats with pancreatitis or obesity, or other conditions requiring a low fat diet. It is complete and balanced for all life stages of cats, but being low in fat makes it less suitable as the sole diet for a growing kitten, a pregnant or lactating queen or highly active outdoor cat, but it can be fed to these animals in rotation with Doctor B’s Turkey Recipe BARF.

Good for:

  • 不太活躍或超重的動物
  • 需要低脂飲食的動物
  • less active or overweight animals
  • animals requiring a low fat diet

Not so good for:

  • 成長的小貓
  • 懷孕或哺乳期女性
  • growing kittens
  • pregnant or lactating females


成份 Ingredient


Kangaroo, Chicken, Beef and/or Pork and/or Lamb (includes meat, finely ground bones and offal), Whole Eggs, Carrots, Apples, Salmon frames, Yoghurt, Dehydrated Kelp plus other assorted seasonal vegetables and /or fruits


 營養分析 Analysis
Protein 蛋白質18.0%
Fat 脂肪8.0%
Fiber 纖維2.0%
Calcium 鈣2.0%
Phosphorus 磷1.2%

熱量:kJ/100g = 535. kJ/serve (115g) = 615.


餵食方法 Feeding Guide
Adult  2 KGPatties: ¾
Adult 3KG
Patties: 1¼
Adult 4KG
Patties: 2
Adult 5KGPatties: 2½
Adult 6KGPatties: 3


產地 : 澳洲

Made in Australia



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