Northwest Naturals – 脫水凍乾羊肝小食 3oz (貓狗合用)


Northwest Naturals™ – Lamb Liver 脫水凍乾羊肝小食 3oz Northwest…

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Northwest Naturals™ – Lamb Liver 脫水凍乾羊肝小食 3oz

Northwest Naturals™諾為是基於最先進的科學和生鮮原料配方原則,精心配製的一款純天然無殼物凍乾食品。為寵物增強健康、延長壽命提供很大的幫助,而且這是一種簡便餵食的膳食選擇。我們相信生鮮食品餵養寵物的前提下,能提高它們的生活質量。我們的使命就是積極孕育不同體型或活躍程度的愛寵們。

Keep a clear conscience while feeding Northwest Naturals, which are made with 100% natural ingredients that are USDA inspected, nutrient rich and safe. Raw Rewards are single ingredient freeze-dried treats that are perfect for snacking, training or can be crumbled to use as a food topper. The freeze drying process gently preserves the lamb liver, without harming the nutrient value or flavor. The lamb is sourced from USA or New Zealand and is produced in a USDA human food inspected facility.

  • 100% Lamb Liver
  • Made in the USA
  • Grain-Free & Gluten-Free
  • Great for Dogs & Cats
  • 100%羊肝
  • 美國製造
  • 無穀物和無麩質
  • 適合貓狗



羊肝 Lamb Liver


營養分析 Analysis
Crude ProteinMin 60%
Crude FatMin 5%
Crude FiberMax 1.5%
MoistureMax 5%


Made in U.S.A



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