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Thrive 整全膳食100% 沙甸魚+鯖魚 貓罐頭,採用沙甸魚及鯖魚作為蛋白質的唯一來源。

Thrive Complete是在添加了維生素和礦物質的魚湯中煮熟,讓您的貓有一個完整的營養均衡的膳食。
Thrive Complete沙甸魚和鯖魚是完整的,因此可以自己餵食或與我們的Thrive PremiumPlus乾糧根據您的貓的喜好混合。

  1. 全面營養
  2. 不含小麥/麵筋
  3. 容易消化
  4. 可以單獨餵食或混合貓糧,取決於你的貓的偏好。
  5. 不含防腐劑
  6. 無填料或人工膠凝劑
  7. 無添加色素
  8. 無添加糖
  9. 無人工香料

Made with Sardine and Mackerel – the only source of protein.

Thrive Complete is cooked in a fish broth with added vitamins and minerals to give your cat a complete nutritionally balanced meal.
Thrive Complete Sardine and Mackerel is complete therefore can be fed on its own or mixed in with our Thrive PremiumPlus dry food depending on your cats preference.
This is real, pure tuna fillet, not ‘meat/animal derivatives

  1. Complete
  2. Wheat/gluten free
  3. Easy to digest
  4. Feed alone or with Thrive PremiumPlus dry food
  5. No preservatives
  6. No fillers or artificial gelling agents
  7. No added colours
  8. No added sugars
  9. No artificial flavours


Ingredients 成分

沙甸魚 37.5%,鯖魚 37.5%,鯖魚湯,維生素和礦物質

Sardine 37.5% and Mackerel 37.5% in Mackerel stock, Vitamins & Minerals



Crude Protein粗蛋白質11.5%
Crude Oils & Fats粗油脂3.0%
Crude Fiber粗纖維0.0%

Directions for Use 使用方法

每天2/3罐,取決於你的貓的每日活動水平 (被閹割的貓可能需要較少。)

Feed 2/3 tins per day depending on your cat’s activity level. Neutered cats may require less.


重量 Weight

156g, 70g



搶先評價 “Thrive脆樂芙整全膳食貓罐頭-100%沙甸魚+鯖魚(75g)”

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